The Senator proposed to limit advertising of homeopathy

The Senator proposed to limit advertising of homeopathy

Advertising of homeopathic medicines should be allowed only on medical and pharmaceutical exhibitions and in specialized publications for medical professionals. The proposal contained in the bill, which on 4 October submitted to the state Duma, member of Council of Federation from Vladimir region Anton Belyakov.

Also, the Senator proposed to place on the packages of homeopathic medicines warning that these drugs “do not have clinically proven healing properties.”

Although the greater part of homeopathy has no serious side effects, their danger lies in the fact that patients “often replace their real treatment of serious diseases.”

This can lead to negative consequences, including death, stated in the explanatory note to the bill.

NewsEuropean scientists involved in the fight with homeopathy

While homeopathic remedies are popular partly because they are widely advertised on TV and in the media. This is the need to limit their advertising, according to the document.

“Lunarcell” homeopathy in February 2017 was confirmed by the Commission of Sciences to combat pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research, reminded the whites in the explanatory Memorandum. He also noted that a number of foreign countries have already started active in the fight against the use of such drugs in government programs that receive funding from the budget.

Currently, the advertising of homeopathy in Russia is not limited by law. The law restricts the advertising of medicines, prescription. They can advertise only in the pharmaceutical activities and in specialized publications.