Lost in Dubai the cat found after two months

Lost in Dubai the cat found after two months

Missing at Dubai airport cat returned to owners in the English County of Northamptonshire after two months of searching.

Cat breed ragdoll named dinky was supposed to fly from the airport of the largest city of the UAE in London on the same flight as its owners Ian and sue Liz.

However, after landing at Gatwick airport it turned out that the dinky cage empty. Apparently, he ran away from before her departure and left the airport.

After numerous posts of masters in social networks about help dinky found at the animal shelter in Dubai and handed over to the owners.

Wife Liz left Dubai on 27 July, having lived in this country for the last five years. Along with them they took two of their Pets.

Ian took the cats to the cargo terminal of the airport, where they were to be loaded into the aircraft. On arrival the dinky cage was empty.