Scientists have uncovered the benefits of black tea

Scientists have uncovered the benefits of black tea

If you for some reason do not Harbor warm feelings for the black tea, think about how to change your attitude: it promotes weight loss and normalization of intestinal microflora, American scientists have found.

In the study, scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles helped mice which were divided into four groups and different food. Two particularly well-fed group received a diet of fatty and low-fat food with high sugar content of extracts of black or green tea, the other two were left without the extract.

After four weeks the weight of the rodents treated with the tea extracts decreased to the same levels as in mice that tea was not supposed to.

It turns out that black tea, like green, affect energy metabolism by altering the ratio of intestinal bacteria in animals.

The percentage of bacteria associated with obesity is decreased and bacteria, which helps the metabolism, becomes greater.

As shown by previous studies, the polyphenols contained in green tea, change energy metabolism in the liver, easily absorbed by the body through the blood and tissues. The work of scientists from Los Angeles helped to establish that the polyphenols of black tea doing the same thing, but with a slightly different mechanism: stimulate the growth of intestinal bacteria and the formation of short chain fatty acids.

Therefore both black and green tea are prebiotics, beneficial to human health, according to Eurek Alert!.