The Muscovites put the experiment on payment of the VAS under the MLA

Representatives of insurance companies discuss with the government the experiment on co-financing by citizens of medical services under MHI. A pilot region, where it will test such a system, may be Moscow, said on Thursday, 5 October, “Kommersant”, citing sources familiar with the discussions.

“We can talk about the transition to limited guarantees, when free began treatment could end in a fee, or the allocation of some medical services from the list of free” — said the source publication.

According to him, the choice of Moscow as a pilot region due to the fact that the experiment needed a large region with a developed network of medical institutions. Deadlines and project parameters are still being discussed.

Thus, according to “Kommersant”, a year ago a similar experiment of the Ministry of health launch of the MLA failed. It was conducted in five pilot regions — the Tyumen, Kirov, Belgorod, Lipetsk regions and Tatarstan Republic. Citizens insurance policies offered to purchase additional insurance and to receive services not covered by system of free medical care. In the end, it was bought only a few hundred policies of the MLA.