Muscovite were detained for smuggling of banned steroids and drug for potency

Residents of the capital were detained on the threshold of the apartment when you receive the parcel with the banned in trafficking steroids and drug for potency from China. About it “” reported in the Mail on Thursday, October 5.

“Set the persons involved in the organization of supply and distribution of banned drugs,” — said the press service of the company.

A criminal case on smuggling of potent substances (article 226.1 of the criminal code).

Channel of drugs used by bodybuilders for quick muscle mass from Hong Kong tracked the staff of the corporate security Mail of Russia together with representatives of the Vnukovo customs. Steroids were delivered in packages with ground coffee.

Earlier in September, for smuggling anabolic steroids have detained 33-the summer Krasnoyarsk, reports “Yarsk-info”. The man received a parcel from Belarus, where were the blisters with the pills and the packaging of ampoules. The study showed the content in them restricted in circulation of potent substances. The detainee explained that he had ordered the steroids through the Internet for personal use to gain muscle mass.