Bortnikov said about non-interference of Russia in the U.S. presidential election

Alexander Bortnikov

The Director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov has declared that Moscow did not interfere in the US presidential election in 2016, as well as in the Affairs of other sovereign States. He said this to journalists, reports RIA Novosti.

“Among other questions, this question (“Russian intervention in the American elections” — approx. “Of the” ) rose (former head of the CIA — approx. “Of the”), John Brennan. But he rose from the point of view of theory, as a guess. Our position is unambiguous: what happened or is happening in the United States or other countries, Russia will never interfere, not interfere and will not interfere in the Affairs of sovereign States”, — said Bortnikov.

He added that Russia’s approach is to “help and assist” and not to intervene.

Also Bortnikov said that the FSB did not stop contacts with the US secret services, despite the challenges. “There are direct contacts between the heads of the intelligence agencies, primarily the CIA. This applies not only to the Syrian perspective, this was true even of questions of counteraction to terrorism,” he said, noting that intelligence is a rule — to assist each other in the presence of pointing to the possibility of threat information.

Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election. American journalists and officials claimed that “Russian hackers” allegedly kidnapped the correspondence of the Democrats and published in the Internet and tried to get into the electronic vote counting system. Moscow denies such accusations, including at the highest level.