Turnout in Karelia was blamed on bad weather

Voter turnout in the elections in Karelia, according to 15:00 local time, was about 17 percent. Such data was sounded by the representative of the electoral Commission in the online-marathon “election Night — 2017” on Sunday, September 10, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”.

The participants noted that the indicators on the turnout has affected, in particular, bad weather. “All day we have bad weather in some areas all day rains,” said political consultant Ivan Fedorov.

Political analyst Dmitry Orlov, in turn, noted that in Russia in General recorded expected figures on the turnout.

The direct election of the head of Karelia held for the first time since 2002. They involve four people. In addition to the acting head of the Republic Arthur Parfenchikov (“United Russia”), is the leader of the regional branch of the Communist party Eugene Ulyanov, the Chairman of the Karelian spravorossov Irina Petelava and the representative of LDPR Evgenie the besední. Nikolai Tarakanov (“homeland”), Elena Gnetova (Batch growth) and Olga Illkova (“Patriots of Russia”) — withdrew their candidacies.

15 February, Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the early resignation of Alexander Khudilainen, who led the Republic of Karelia in 2012, and was appointed acting head of the Republic Arthur Parfenchikov. Prior to that, he was head of the Federal bailiff service.