In the center of Moscow invalidated 83 newsletter because of an error of the Commission

Early voting in the elections of municipal deputies in the Moscow Airport invalidated. This was announced by the Chairman of Mothersurname Valentin Gorbunov, reports TASS Sunday, September 10.

“Municipal Commission yesterday before to pass the law [the ballots] the election Commission has mixed up the envelopes on a number of areas. There is a whole in the district was 83 early voters”, — he said.

“The Commission met and discussed this situation and to then not give the opportunity to play with this during the day, decided to accept the ballots in the envelope is invalid,” — said Gorbunov.

He also spoke about complaints during the voting. “It turns out, whether the candidate, or member of the Commission with an Advisory vote, filed a complaint with the requirement to remove the Chairman. The Commission reviewed the application and were refused as it was not grounds for dismissal of the President”, — told the Chairman of Mothersurname.

In the single voting day, September 10, in the capital, the campaign for election of deputies in the 125 municipalities.