Khabarovsk taxi driver apologized to anivskiy green paint girls

Khabarovsk taxi driver forced the passengers to wash green paint, asked them for forgiveness for what happened. About it reports on Friday, September 1, REN TV.

“I would like, of course, and in front of them, and their parents before them to apologize publicly, because now, after all this time, already aware of his action,” said male reporters. However, he noted that the incident was not entirely his fault.

As reports RIA Novosti, a taxi driver named Alexey Nasonov. He told the news Agency that he is ready to conclude the agreement with the teenagers.

“I believed them, agreed to take, although if made, it was stated that there will be cash, and it turned out that will pay for a map, but the map did not have the money, they always trip me deceived”, — he explained. The man said that the fare from the village Garovka in the suburbs of Khabarovsk to the city of Vyazemsky amounted to 2150 rubles, about what the Manager said when ordering a taxi.

Nasonov also commented on 29 August, the network video, which he was forced to wash green paint on your face. “Yes, there has been such. I leave in social networks, their contacts, when this story began, and I went,” said the man.

Two days before this the Internet was published a video in which a taxi driver was forced to wash the green paint three passengers-Zaitsev: man and two girls. Was organized pre-investigation check on this fact. The man himself came to the police for questioning.

After the incident in Khabarovsk taxi cab company “Maxim” has stopped cooperation with a taxi driver.