Media reported avoid collision over the Rostov-on-don airplanes

Two aircraft managed to avoid a collision over the Rostov-on-don, through the actions of the pilot of one of them. About it reports on Friday, September 1, REN TV.

According to TV channel, the onboard system triggered collision warning in the air (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System, TCAS). In the end, the aircraft flew at a distance of 300 meters from each other.

According to the report, one of the aircraft followed the route Simferopol — Moscow, the second was flying to the capital of Krasnodar. When that happened, as well as other details of the incident are not given. Official confirmation of information.

TCAS monitors the space around the aircraft, detecting other ships fitted with the same defendant. By the standards of the International civil aviation organization the system should be installed on all aircraft heavier than 5.7 tonnes or certified to carry more than 19 passengers.

In July in the United States the plane of the canadian airline Air Canada to avoid a collision with four other ships. Pilot when landing at the airport in San Francisco accidentally sent the ship on track for taxiing. The commander standing on her aircraft noticed the landing not on the runway liner, in the end, the Manager gave the crew and I try to go to the second round. It was reported that the aircraft flew over the first standing on the taxiing airliner at an altitude of about 30 meters.