Orel Governor saw in the bench of the symbols of the Third Reich

Vadim Potomsky The Governor of Orel region Vadim Potomsky called on the eagle to look at the bench, the design of which has caused discontent of the citizens. About it reports the Internet-the edition “the Oryol news” Monday, December 5. The bench was installed a few days ago on Lenin street, where residents had questions for the lateral supports in the form of an eagle, spread wing, the site notes. “The eagle is similar to the symbolism of the Third Reich. The eagle may look different, but for me personally, it causes rejection,” said the head of the region, noting that the bench is better to remove. In October, the monument to Ivan the terrible in the eagle wearing the bag. Vandal was a resident of Yaroslavl, the police gave him a ticket. In July, Vadim Potomsky has made a resonant statement about what Ivan the terrible did not kill

Merkel regretted about the future resignation, Renzi

Matteo Renzi and Angela Merkel German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed regret on the future resignation of his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi. About it reports Reuters. “The Chancellor received the news about the resignation of the Prime Minister of Italy, unfortunately — said a spokesman for Merkel, Steffen Seibert. They worked great with Matteo Renzi hand in hand and trust each other, but a democratic solution to the Italian voters, as well as the decision of the Prime Minister, should be respected.” Seibert said that Berlin intends to continue to cooperate closely with the Italian government, regardless of who will lead it after retirement Renzi. The Prime Minister promised to resign if the Italians will reject his plan of constitutional reform. After you know the results of the plebiscite, the opposition, particularly the leader of the opposition party “Northern League” Matteo Salvini, called for Renzi to immediately leave the post. The

The Russian squadron in the Mediterranean was accompanied by up to eight NATO ships

Aircraft carrier group of the Navy of Russia on the way to the Mediterranean sea accompanied by up to eight ships of the NATO countries. In an interview with VGTRK said the commander of the naval fleet Admiral Vladimir Korolev.   According to him, the ship group of the Northern fleet went off on October 15 in the campaign in the North-Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea. The group included the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Pyotr Veliky”, large anti-submarine ships “Severomorsk” and “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” and support vessels.   “Up to eight ships accompanied us with access to the UK. But no violations of international Maritime legislation was not”, – said Korolev.   At the same time commander of the Russian Navy was not surprised by the reaction of NATO.   “We for the first time since the construction of a heavy aviabearing cruiser used our marine

The fire, at a rave party in Oakland could have been killed up to 40 people

The fire, at a rave party in Oakland could have been killed up to 40 people In the city of Oakland, near San Francisco, in a warehouse, where he held a rave party, there was a fire, reports CBS. As reported by local authorities, the fire could have been killed up to 40 people, the death of nine confirmed. Clarifies that the musicians used the warehouse for work and life, but they didn’t have official permission for this, and also for conducting musical concert. The causes of the fire are being investigated. The fire lasted for hours, during this time, collapsed the roof on the second floor of the building, which was connected with the first level of the temporary wooden staircase. In the building where the fire occurred, there was no fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. According to the Voice of America, in order to bring the situation under

Physicist Stephen Hawking was released from hospital in Rome

Physicist Stephen Hawking was released from hospital in Rome British physicist Stephen Hawking was released from the hospital in Rome, where he was hospitalized the day before, reports Reuters. The representative of the Gemelli hospital, where it usually takes treatment of the priests, announced that the state of the Hawking is good and he can return to the UK on Saturday as planned. See alsoStephen Hawking was hospitalized in Rome Yesterday the representative of Hawking announced that a scientist who came to Rome to participate in the Symposium at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, felt unwell, and then was taken to the hospital. A source at the clinic said that a physicist will spend in the hospital overnight, but stressed that “the situation is under control.” The representative of the physics also noted that his ailment is not regarded as serious. In the early 1960s, Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic

The Sunday Times: the UK government is developing a plan “gray” Brexit

The Sunday Times: the UK government is developing a plan “gray” Brexit LONDON, 4 Dec. /Offset. TASS Igor Brovarnik/. The UK government is developing plan the so-called grey Brexit, which will allow the country to avoid radical scenario out of the EU, the newspaper reported The Sunday Times. According to her, the Whitehall sources briefed that the Minister for Brexit David Davis and the Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond has formed a small group to withdraw the UK from hard Brexit. The new plan is supposed to meet the expectations as supporters of a complete break with the EU, and those who opposed the suspension of European integration. See alsothe British offered to buy EU citizenship Earlier this week, Davis said that London would consider the issue of continuation of contributions to the EU budget after the cessation of membership to retain access to the European single market. Sources

Zheleznyak commented on the words of the Minister of the U.S. air force about the “Russian threat”

Sergei Zheleznyak © Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS MOSCOW, 5 Dec. /TASS/. The Deputy Secretary General Council of party “United Russia”, member of international Affairs Committee of the state Duma Sergei Zheleznyak believes that the statement of the Minister of the U.S. air force Deborah Lee James due to the desire of Washington to budget as much money for a reckless arms race and to profit.

The third phase of demolition of unauthorized construction will start in Moscow

In Moscow on the afternoon of Monday, 5 December, launched the third wave of demolition of illegal buildings, the TV channel “360”. The day will be eliminated four buildings whose owners refused to voluntarily dismantle them. Buildings located on the street Krasnoprudnaya, Marshal Zhukov Avenue, street of 26 Baku Commissars, another object located in the North-East. Just a third wave of demolition will eliminate 43 buildings. With 39 buildings, the owners agreed to eliminate yourself. They will receive compensation in the amount of from 51 to 55 thousand rubles per square meter. A second wave of demolition of unauthorized construction took place in August. The list includes 107 buildings, whose total area amounted to 30.5 thousand square meters. In Moscow the liquidation of business objects recognized by the squatter began in February. The decision on the elimination of 104 buildings constructed without a permit or in violation of town planning