In a cemetery in Santiago de Cuba buried the ashes of Fidel Castro

In a cemetery in Santiago de Cuba buried the ashes of Fidel Castro HAVANA, 4 Dec — RIA Novosti, Oleg Vyazmitinov. The ashes of Fidel Castro buried in the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia in Santiago de Cuba, told Latin American TV station Telesur. 11фотографий11фотографий11фотографий Cuban TV broadcasts led with the ceremony of burial. On Saturday, the Cuban leader Raul Castro, speaking at the meeting in memory of Fidel, said that the burial ceremony will be modest. Fidel Castro died at the age of 90 last Friday. The country declared a national mourning — lowered national flags, canceled entertainment.

The turnout in the elections of the President of Uzbekistan exceeded 72%

The turnout in the elections of the President of Uzbekistan exceeded 72% TASHKENT, 4 Dec — RIA Novosti. The turnout in the elections of the President of Uzbekistan at 16.00 local time (14.00 MSK) amounted to 72,03%, said the CEC of the Republic. Sunday in Uzbekistan held presidential elections. The voting started at 06.00 (04.00 GMT) and will run until 20.00 (18.00 GMT). The elections were declared valid, the turnout exceeded the required 33%. “Voted already 14.7 million voters,” reported by the electoral Commission. All four are registered in Uzbekistan parties nominated candidates for the presidency. According to analysts, the main contender is the acting head of state, Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyoev, nominated by the liberal democratic party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP). He was in favour of accession of the country to the military-political blocs and the development of relations with CIS countries, primarily with Russia. Two more candidates — the

School swimming in Vladimir rented for alcoholic party

The company of boys and girls took off for the money pool at school № 42 in Vladimir for holding alcoholic party, the TV channel “360”. The scandal erupted after the publication of the relevant videos in the group “Overheard in the residential district Yuryevets” in “Vkontakte” on Saturday, December 3. According to documents, the event was designed as a health and fitness service. Deal with young people concluded the head teacher of the school. The rental pool for three hours on Saturday, 5 November, cost them 24 thousand rubles. Employee of the school has warned that the party guests will bring alcohol. In response, she asked not to throw anything in the pool and not put on the Internet pictures with bottles and food. A conversation with an employee of the school, a young man recorded on tape. “There is a security tape: the school consists of seven guys

The expert predicted the development of relations between the EU and Russia after the elections in Austria

Alexander van der Bellen To expect from the former leader of the green Party Alexander van der Bell some steps to stabilize the European-Russian relations is not necessary. On Monday, November 5, said “the” leading researcher of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Kamkin. “Traditionally, the green party speaking in terms of ultra-liberalism. For example, in Germany the “green” in recent years are the anti-Russian rhetoric. Last week representatives of the party made a proposal to toughen anti-Russian sanctions due to the Russian operation in Aleppo,” — said the expert. According to the analyst, the participation of a candidate from the far-right Austrian freedom party (fpö) Norbert Hofer in the presidential election, despite his defeat, it became a large-scale victory for the party. “Two years later, the country held parliamentary elections. Level of voter confidence in the APS is increasing, and this

The authorities of Moscow region are asked to check for involvement in election fraud

Photo: Nearly three months after a Single day of voting held on September 18, 2016, when the regions of the country people voted for the deputies of the state Duma and regional parliaments, in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi was revealed inconsistencies of the protocols of vote counting at 68 polling stations with data in the state automated system “Elections”, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. According to the publication, as a result of fraud with the voting record, the party “United Russia” has received nearly 2 thousand votes more “subtracting” them from other political associations. So, on elections to the state Duma “the Russian party of pensioners for justice” earned 450 votes, “Yabloko” — 580 votes, and in the Moscow region Duma “the Apple” has lost 255 votes, the Party of pensioners — 216 votes, thus “United Russia” has received nearly 700 votes. “The new newspaper” called for the resignation of

The fiery flower of the Russian army

Share {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’) || ’00:44′}} {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘mm:ss’) || ’00:44′}} {{qualityItem | uppercase}} HD .mp4 High quality SD .mp4 Medium quality © TASS/defense Ministry The Ministry of defence published a video training gunners with the most powerful in the world of mortars. Units of the Eastern military district (TSB) in the Primorsky Krai was raised on a drill and moved to the designated area. During the training the military repelled the attack of the subversive group “the enemy”, using mortar 2S4 “Tulip”. Machine gun caliber 240 mm is the largest in the “flower” series artillery howitzers such as “Carnation”, “acacia”, “Hyacinth” and “Peony”. They are all armed with Missile troops and artillery of the armed forces. Over the past few months the division of the southern military district substantially increased its military potential. The troops received more

Lithuanian students received 30 thousand benefits in case of a “Russian invasion”

Journalists of the British newspaper The Guardian reported that the Lithuanian students received about 30 thousand textbooks for resistance to Russian troops in case of a sudden “invasion of Russian troops” in the Baltic country. According to the publication, such concerns Lithuanian authorities have arisen after winning trump in the presidential election in the United States.   During his election campaign, the Republican has frequently stated that he would reconsider the U.S. position on the protection of NATO allies, but also “normalize relations with the Kremlin.”   As journalists report, the textbook “Leadership resistance” with a thickness of 75 pages describes ways to counter the Russian military. It is given out in government schools as well. As stated by the Minister Acabaron of Lithuania, in the country there is growing interest in the protection of state interests. Photo: Predrag Milosavljevic / Globallookpress

The culprit of large road accident in Ugra was the bus driver

The culprit of large road accident in Ugra was the bus driver EKATERINBURG, 4 Dec — RIA Novosti, Olga Erachina. The bus driver’s fault, according to preliminary data, in a major accident on the highway Tyumen — Khanty-Mansiysk in Khanty-Mansiysk, told RIA Novosti on Sunday representative of the management of the Affairs of the region. As previously reported RIA Novosti source in the emergency services, bus collision with a truck and two cars killed 10 people, among them, according to preliminary data, nine children. “The bus collided with a wagon. According to preliminary data, blame the bus driver. He was deployed. We have severe weather conditions. The collision that killed eight people, including two adults and six children aged 12 to 14 years. The number of victims is now specified. The Route Khanty-Mansiysk — Tyumen. The bus moved out of the city of Khanty-Mansiysk”, — said the Agency interlocutor. She

Saratov oblast changed time zone

Saratov oblast changed time zone The Chairman of the public chamber of the Saratov region Alexander Lando stated that Saratov oblast has moved to a new time zone (GMT+1) on Sunday at 02:00 hours, reports TASS. “The decision on whether, in the Saratov region to translate arrows on an hour forward was not taken immediately. It was preceded by a long discussion, there were a lot of opinions. However, about 70% of the residents voted for the measure. And today, the region moved to a new time zone +1 hour Moscow time,” — said Lando. According to representatives of the public chamber of the region, such a decision will help to extend daylight hours and will have a positive impact on the wellbeing and health of residents. In June it was reported that the Novosibirsk oblast changed time zone.

The UK will continue to provide the sanctions pressure on Russia

The UK will continue to provide the sanctions pressure on Russia LONDON, 4 Dec. /Offset. TASS Igor Brovarnik/. The UK will continue to provide the sanctions pressure on Russia in connection with its actions in Syria, said on air of the broadcasting Corporation “Bi-bi-si” the Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. “If you look at the Russian economy, it is not in very good condition,” says Johnson. “It is reduced, this is partly due to the fall in oil prices, but also due to the sanctions. The UK plays a leading role in the application of sanctions and will continue to do it,” he said. As previously stated the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, Russia concentrated on the creation of such conditions that the economy is not dependent on sanctions. “We focused on how to provide the conditions for our economy that will not