The expert predicted the development of relations between the EU and Russia after the elections in Austria

Alexander van der Bellen

To expect from the former leader of the green Party Alexander van der Bell some steps to stabilize the European-Russian relations is not necessary. On Monday, November 5, said “the” leading researcher of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Kamkin.

“Traditionally, the green party speaking in terms of ultra-liberalism. For example, in Germany the “green” in recent years are the anti-Russian rhetoric. Last week representatives of the party made a proposal to toughen anti-Russian sanctions due to the Russian operation in Aleppo,” — said the expert.

According to the analyst, the participation of a candidate from the far-right Austrian freedom party (fpö) Norbert Hofer in the presidential election, despite his defeat, it became a large-scale victory for the party. “Two years later, the country held parliamentary elections. Level of voter confidence in the APS is increasing, and this in turn can lead to the strengthening of its positions in the Parliament,” added Kamkin.

4 December in Austria was held the repeated second round of presidential elections. At them Hofer received 48.3 percent of the vote, and his opponent van der Bellen — 51.7%.