The fiery flower of the Russian army


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The Ministry of defence published a video training gunners with the most powerful in the world of mortars. Units of the Eastern military district (TSB) in the Primorsky Krai was raised on a drill and moved to the designated area.

During the training the military repelled the attack of the subversive group “the enemy”, using mortar 2S4 “Tulip”. Machine gun caliber 240 mm is the largest in the “flower” series artillery howitzers such as “Carnation”, “acacia”, “Hyacinth” and “Peony”. They are all armed with Missile troops and artillery of the armed forces.

Over the past few months the division of the southern military district substantially increased its military potential. The troops received more than 150 units of military equipment, including “Tulips”.

Dangerous flower

Analogues Russian “Tulip” is not: it is substantially superior to conventional artillery, with its sizes from 100 mm. On the firing range up to 20 km of it high-explosive mines capable of destroying fortified buildings, manpower and armored vehicles of the enemy.