The woman unhappiness. As Violet Jessop “killed” two of the Titanic

The woman unhappiness. As Violet Jessop “killed” two of the Titanic

November 21, 1916 sunk, stepped on a German mine, the liner “Britannic” — a “brother” of the Titanic.

Girl and sea giants

The tragic fate of the famous ocean liner “Titanic”, who died during his first flight, known to all. That “Titanic” had two “twin brother”, you know less about what their fate was not too happy.

And even fewer people know that all three of the giants tied the lady, whose history may serve as the most vivid illustration of the old sea legend of the “woman on the ship — unfortunately”.

Violet Constance Jessop rightly be called a “black widow” world of navigation, and most lucky lady in the history of sea travel.

La enfermera irlandesa Violet Jessop, superviviente del Titanic y RMS RMS Olympic, HMHS Britannic sobrevive al. #WWI

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Violet Jessop

In the early twentieth century British shipping company “white star Line” want to buy several large transoceanic liners that are supposed to impress by its size, luxury and speed.

Design Bureau of the shipyard “Harland and Wolff” in Belfast began work on the project in 1907.

The first of the three ships, named “Olympic”, was commissioned on 14 June 1911. Second, the Titanic, in April 1912. Third and last, the “Britannic” in December 1915.

A stewardess named Violet

2 Oct 1887 in Argentina’s Bahia Blanca in a family of Irish immigrants William Jessop and Catherine Kelly, was born a girl called Violet. As a child she fell ill with tuberculosis, and the doctors considered it almost hopeless, but Violet had survived. After her father died, Violet and her family moved to the UK where she went to school at the convent.

Violet was the oldest child in the family, and when my mother got ill on her shoulders lay the care of all. The girl managed to get a flight attendant in the shipping company where she catered to the wealthy passengers of the ships.

23-year-old Violet Jessop was among those flight attendants who in June 1911 was transferred to work at the newly constructed “Olympic”.

The girl is not happy — the ship was designed for sailing across the Atlantic, and the weather conditions on this line Violet categorically did not like. But the situation was forced to accept the terms of the employer, and Violet resigned.

On 20 September 1911 Olympic due to bad maneuvering collided with the cruiser “hawke”.

Ships were damaged, but remained afloat. When the incident no one was killed. By the way, commanded the “Olympic” at this point, Edward John Smith, captain of the “Titanic” in its first and last voyage.

Marseille have experienced both their “brothers”, was the First world war, returned to the transatlantic line, having made a total of 257 flights to new York and back, and in 1935 was decommissioned and sent to scrap. Perhaps the “suits” just had time to get rid of Violet Jessop.


In April 1912, the flight attendant was transferred to the “Titanic”, which she strongly resisted. It, however, is persuaded, having said that the work on the widely publicized “Titanic” will be a great recommendation in the future.

The evening of 14 April, Violet, spent his shift, went to his cabin, and was almost asleep when I felt a jolt. The Titanic collided with an iceberg.

As with other stewardesses, she was ordered to go to the upper deck. The crew of the Titanic was only 23 women, and no help in this situation, to have they could not. Flight attendants at 1:20 am put the boat number 16. At the moment when Violet sat down in the boat, she gave the child’s hand, which she safely delivered at the “Carpathia yet”. There he took a woman. The girl later admitted that she did not know whether it was the child’s mother — at that moment, her, frozen and scared, was not up to questioning.

During the catastrophe of the Titanic, only 710 survived people of the 2224 aboard. After that, it would seem that Violet Jessop was to go ashore eventually.

The nurse with the “Britannica”

Fate, however, was pleased to bring her and with the third “brother” — “Britannic”. Work on the ship was completed in late 1915 when the First world war was in full swing. The British Admiralty requisitioned the ship, intending to use it as a hospital ship.

In 1916 Violet climbed aboard a floating hospital as the nurses of the British red cross.

More bad sign for the ship could not be, despite the fact that the “Britannica”, taking into account the disaster of the Titanic, was substantially rebuilt to increase flooding.

On 28 October 1916 the German submarine U73 under the command of Gustav Zissa put mines in the Kea channel between the island of Kea and the mainland Greece.

21 Nov 1916 “Britannica”, which ran at a speed of 20 knots, hit a German mine.

The first time the seriousness of the situation was not appreciated. It was morning, the nurses were ordered not to interrupt Breakfast. However, it soon appeared that “Britannic” sinks. The ship flooded through the open starboard for ventilation Windows, and water from flooded compartments continued to be further due to the jammed door in the bulkhead between the boiler rooms.

Was evacuated, which saved 1036 people, and among them is Violet Jessop.

For still unclear reasons, the “Britannic” sank in just 55 minutes, while the Titanic remained afloat for three hours. Captain Charles Bartlett to the end did not lose hope to throw the ship aground, but this led only to the victims. The propeller of the ship continued to operate during the descent of the boats, and two of them were pulled into the blades. Killed 21 people.

Violet Jessop was in one of these boats. She managed to jump into the water, it was carried under the keel and struck his head on the body. The injury was quite serious, but she realized it was only a few years later, when the doctor, taking her about the headaches, found a crack in the skull.

The witness retired

The survivors in this disaster, Violet was the only survivor of the crash on all three vessels of the project “Olympic”.

After the First world war Violet Jessop continued to work as a flight attendant, having made two round trips. Overall work experience was 42 years. Settled after retirement in England, she has become a real boon to all researchers of the disaster of the “Titanic” and “Britannic”.

Fees luck with the crashes has become a failed personal life in his later years, Violet was a lonely childless old lady, the main entertainment which were discussions about the Titanic.

Violet Jessop died on 5 may 1971, at the age of 83 from heart failure.