In Brussels from the plane landed 41 drunken bully

In Brussels from the plane landed 41 drunken bully

The departure of the airline company Brussels Airlines, a flight on the route Brussels (Belgium) — Alicante (Spain) from the airport of Zaventem, was arrested because of a group of brawlers. It is reported by Le Soir.

On Board the liner were removed, a group of 41 people. Some of the bullies were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. All on Board were 136 passengers. The incident occurred on November 19, however, the media learned about it only the next day.

“The boarding went fine. But during taxi to the runway, the group aboard individuals start to behave inappropriately. The attempt of the captain to encourage them to remain calm had no effect, so he decided to return to the departure gate to ensure the safety of passengers,” — said the official representative of Brussels Airlines.

An employee of the carrier explained that all removed from the flight were foreigners, but did not specify their nationality.