Helicopter crash in Sochi: one person was killed, five injured

Helicopter crash in Sochi: one person was killed, five injured

According to a source in emergency services of the region, the helicopter was carrying tourists from Moscow, celebrates his birthday.

SOCHI, Nov 1 — RIA Novosti, Genevieve ed. One person was killed and another five injured in Sochi on Tuesday, when the crash of a private helicopter, which, according to Rosaviation, could illegally carry the tour. The car didn’t hit the buildings, but broke an outbuilding, along the way, damaging power lines and two cars on the ground.

On Tuesday at 14:00 in the Adler district of Sochi on the street of Cimlyanskaya, 37 crashed helicopter Eurocopter-AS350. He fell in the private sector near the sea.

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On a scene immediately left the firefighters, rescue workers, ambulances, and law enforcement service. In the aftermath of the crash has 48 rescuers and 13 vehicles.


According to the operational services, as a result of the crash killed the passenger, the other five people aboard were injured. While no one was on the ground was injured. All the victims were taken to three hospitals in the city, two people are in serious condition.

“One girl taken to the city hospital № 3 in Khost, three people were taken to the regional hospital No. 3 in Adler, and another man taken to the city hospital No. 4 in Sochi”, — said the interlocutor of the Agency in emergency services of the region.

The status of all hospitalised is estimated as heavy and average weight.

According to a source in emergency services of the region, the helicopter was carrying tourists from Moscow, celebrates his birthday.

“They were tourists from Moscow. They arrived in Sochi to relax and celebrate the birthday of one of them. Together tourists went to ride in a helicopter, and when the accident happened,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Illegal transportation

Rosaviatsia reported that the helicopter crashed, according to preliminary data, drove the tour, which is a flagrant violation of the air legislation. The Agency has repeatedly pointed to the inadmissibility of flights on a commercial basis on the aircraft of General aviation, and came out with an initiative to significantly increase the fines for violators.

“Preliminary aviation accident circumstances indicate that the commander of the helicopter could carry out commercial activities to provide guided flight, that is, to provide a paid service. For General aviation implementation of commercial flights directly prohibited by the current air legislation and is a gross violation”, — is spoken in the message of Federal air transport Agency.

It is noted that a falling helicopter was produced by the French company Eurocopter in 2012 and had a valid certificate of airworthiness.

Rosaviation will check the airline “Eltsovka” (Novosibirsk), which owned the helicopter.

Airline Director “Eltsovka” Eugene Khitrov, in turn, stated that reliable information yet, and the company understands the circumstances of the flight and crash of the machine.

“Reliable information that I can 100% vouch, I have, therefore, unfortunately, to answer the questions I can’t right now,” said Khitrov, confirming that the crashed helicopter belonged to JSC “Airline “El’tsovka,” and that his crew experienced.

The cause of the crash

Now the scene is examined by investigators. Will be seized samples of fuel and oil for the study, interviewed witnesses of the incident.

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In addition, the investigators find out whether the pilot of the crashed helicopter clearance.

“The technical documentation is only now being withdrawn, the investigators establish whether the flight is allowed or not. Maybe tomorrow will be an extra inspection with the participation of the International aviation Committee. When the Board is registered and has permission to depart, they arrive on the scene. Until resolved, leaves Lee MACK at the emergency leaves or not, the aircraft will remain in place”, — told RIA Novosti senior inspector-the criminalist of southern investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation Sergey Boyko.

The Prosecutor’s office began checking on the fact of wreck of the helicopter. “On this fact the investigative Department of the Krasnodar transport southern DAY UK Russia is a procedural check, the progress and results of which are on control. In addition, the Sochi transport Prosecutor’s office organized verification of compliance with the requirements of the Federal legislation”, — stated in the message of supervising Department.

According to the UK, discusses two of the main causes of the helicopter crash: pilot error and technical malfunction of the aircraft.

Who will compensate the damage

Operational services work at the scene, eliminate the consequences and to investigate the cause of the accident, the authorities of Sochi hoping for the speedy recovery of the injured and compensation of the damage suffered.

“The main thing now is the health of the people, to them everything was in order. The second stage is the establishment of responsibility, the third step is reparation. Those who made it, should bear full responsibility, including material. We hope that the perpetrators of the incident will be brought to justice, including to material, to the people who have suffered property”, — told RIA Novosti the representative of administration of the resort.