Zakharov told about the Big Brother who will keep an eye on everyone

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry lashed out at the former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is due to the fact that he advised Washington to act as “world policeman” in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Eastern Ukraine.


She was outraged, as a policy that could come to mind.


This is a man who for many years was responsible for the formation of atmosphere of confidence, security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic space and says that, apparently, all these years, he had in mind. To come up with some sort of gendarmerie system worldwide and put to one state, which will control the rest of the world.


Here we are talking about control, about the desire of existence of a such a Big Brother, that will be for all to watch. It is irrelevant to the decision of the international questions that could engage one or the other side. Why? The current level of challenges, threats faced by the world definitely proved that one can’t cope,” she said at the briefing.


Earlier Zakharova called the psychology of Rasmussen’s slave. So she reacted to the position of a politician who criticized the US President for being too lenient and inadequate intervention in international conflicts.

Photo: imagebroker Barbara Boensch/Globallookpress