Bono found himself in the “Women of the year” Glamour magazine

Bono found himself in the “Women of the year” Glamour magazine

Version of Glamour magazine was criticized on social networks for the decision to include the singer of U2 Bono in the rating of the “Woman of the year”.

Bono became the first man admitted to this list over the 36 years of the magazine. As explained by the edition, he was included in the rating for active participation in campaigns to protect women’s rights.

Glamour editor in chief Cindy Leiva said that the editors thought long and hard whether to reward not only women but also men, and eventually decided on this step.

Bono said he was confident that didn’t deserve to be put on the list. But he noted that the struggle for gender equality cannot be won as long as men will not engage in it on a par with women.

“We are largely responsible for the problem, therefore, needs to be involved in her decision,” said Bono.

Last year, 56-year-old musician founded the charity organization helping girls and women to quality education, medical services and grow your business.

However, the decision of Glamour magazine was ambiguously met in social networks.

A user named Stephanie Piet wrote: Bono was named woman of the year by Glamour. Really difficult to choose a more worthy candidate of the 3.7 million women.

Is this a Halloween prank? Bono getting Woman of the Year Award from Glamour magazine. 2016 is vile.

— Mr. adrianne Peltz (@adi_peltz) November 1, 2016.

Comedy Trayvon Fries wrote on Twitter: “did Glamour magazine that the inclusion of Bono in a rating of “Woman of the year” for attempting to destroy the Patriarchy undermines the very essence of this award?”.

According to the chief editor of Cindy Leiva, the editors of Glamour for many years discussed the possibility of including men in the rating of the “Woman of the year”, but refused from this idea. At some point, “I started to think that this view of things may be an anachronism”.

“In our days many men really do a lot for women. And Bono is one of them,” said Cindy Leiva.

Last year, Bono founded the movement “Poverty is sexist”. According to Leiva, the idea that the man who could choose any occupation, or not choose it at all, prefer to defend women’s rights, not for a night out or special operations, and consistently day after day, month after month — the idea is just wonderful and certainly deserves applause.

The editors Glamour of assigning Bono award was supported by famous CNN Christiane Amanpour.

In her article with praise for Bono, written for the journal, said: “I support [the magazine] Glamour: I think Bono is a great choice for this award, the first awarded by a [man], as the 56-year-old Bono is trying to do good since I started to study music. Having founded the movement of “Poverty — that’s sexist”, Bono makes it clear that influential people can and must tackle these long-standing problems.”

Among those who along with Bono got a rating of “Woman of the year” — Patrice Color, Opal Tomei and Alicia Garza, the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, opposed the police violence against the black population.

Also, the rating included the managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, the activist movement for the rights of the Yazidi community, who fled from captivity of militants in Iraq Nadia Murad and famous model plus size Ashley Graham.

The same award was awarded Glamour the Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada and also the girl under the pseudonym Emily DOE, the victim of a brutal rape at Stanford — at the time she found the strength to share online the details of the tragic incident.