Putin opened the “Wall of sorrow”

Putin opened the “Wall of sorrow”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin laid flowers at the memorial “Wall of sorrow”, dedicated to the victims of political repression in Moscow. On Monday, October 30, reports TASS.

“Today in the capital, we are opening the “Wall of sorrow” — a Grand, poignant monument and the sense and in its implementation. He appeals to our conscience, feelings, to the understanding of the period of repression, the compassion of their victims,” — said the head of state in his speech.

“The clear and unambiguous position in relation to these grim events serves as a powerful warning to their repetition,” — said Putin. “We and our descendants should remember the tragedy of repression, about the reasons that gave rise to them. But it does not mean to call for the settling of accounts. Again it is impossible to push the society to a dangerous point of confrontation,” he said.