In the seaside zoo dog “adopted” two kittens leopard

In the seaside zoo dog “adopted” two kittens leopard

Moscow. 31 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Retriever named Tessie to the zoo in the suburbs of Vladivostok “adopted” two baby kittens leopard abandoned by mother.

“Leopardito were born on the night of 8 October, the parent — leopards Vlad and Alena. Mom refused to feed them. We were trying to feed themselves, but unfortunately, they sucked bad, so it was necessary to urgently look for a nursing mom”, — is reported on the page of the zoo in the social network.

It is noted that the mother was a dog named Tessie, who herself recently gave birth to four puppies. She willingly took into his family two more kittens.

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“Unfortunately, one little girl (kitten leopard — if) is very weak, she has a congenital heart and lung (it showed an x-ray and ultrasound). Don’t know if she survives. I hope”, — stated in the message.