Obstetrician-gynecologist died after a days work in the hospital of Angarsk

Obstetrician-gynecologist Oksana Ivleva died after almost 24 hours of duty in Angarsk perinatal center. This is stated on the website of the medical institution.

Reportedly, the woman came on duty on October 25 by 16:00, and left at 15:00 on the next day after rounds in the postpartum unit. “Her body without life signs was found its closest relatives in the morning of 27 October at her home,” — said in a statement cents.

The hospital reported that the midwife was a skilled surgeon and “honestly and faithfully performed its work, bringing huge physical and emotional burden associated with the complexity of the profession of obstetrician-gynecologist, which requires to be ready to render medical aid at any time of the day and night.” Cause of death the doctor will be determined after examination.

Earlier it became known that the Omsk Ministry of health has fined a nurse from the village Katerli because she offered to deliver the patient with internal bleeding to the city hospital by private transport, as the car of the substation was broken. In the end, the man delivered on time, operated on, and he was still alive.