Putin called the 100 anniversary of the revolution, a symbol of overcoming the schism

Vladimir Putin

The 100th anniversary of the October revolution will be perceived by Russian society as a symbol of overcoming the split, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a meeting of the Council on civil society development and human rights (HRC) on Monday, October 30. His words are quoted by the correspondent of”.ru”.

“I hope that this date will be perceived by our society as summing up the features for dramatic events that divided the country and the people, will become a symbol of overcoming of this split, the symbol of mutual forgiveness and acceptance of national history as it is — with its great victories and tragic pages,” — said the Russian leader.

27 Oct in Twitter the British magazine The Economist published an announcement of the cover of the next issue with a portrait of the President of Russia in tsarist uniforms. “The new born king. 100 years after the Russian revolution”, as stated on the cover.

19 Oct Vladimir Putin in his speech at the meeting of the club “Valdai said that revolution is always the result of a deficiency of responsibility by all stakeholders. The head of state pointed to the ambiguity of the events of 1917.

The October revolution (the Great October socialist revolution or Bolshevik revolution) is one of the largest political events of the XX century. It happened in Russia in October (new style — November) 1917.