It reveals main signs of adultery

Managing Director of Australian company Lipstick Investigations, specializing in the detection of adultery, David king listed the main signs that a man changes a woman, reports the Daily Mail.

As a rule, the man who changes the woman begins to focus, in particular, often shave, change clothes and perfumes. They spend more time with the smartphone, which can come in unusual messages. As a rule, smartphone access to outsiders is blocked by a password.

“If people are guilty, they may feel angry. Men often use this technique to get out of the house,” notes king. According to the expert, the behavior of cheating spouses in this case, it is difficult to call rational.

Such men more often than before, staying late at work or going out, finding various excuses. The expert notes that the betrayal of a spouse may indicate Internet activity on social networks, or Bank cards.

The company, headed by the king, who for 20 years has been the discovery of infidelity usually uses observation or surveillance carried out, in particular, with the help of hidden cameras.