The Pentagon said about the increased threat from North Korea

James Mattis

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis after talks with South Korean counterpart, song young-Moo said that due to illegal ballistic launches and nuclear tests, the threat from North Korea has increased.

He noted that in the area of risk came as North Korea’s neighbors and other countries.

Mattis also said that the most preferred method of resolving the North Korean problem is diplomacy with military support. While Washington has a number of military options for resolving the crisis.

The Pentagon chief once again warned Pyongyang from the attack on the United States and allies of Washington. “Any use of nuclear weapons by North Korea will be met with massive response, efficient and overwhelming,” said Mattis.

Yesterday the Minister of defence of the USA has declared that Washington will never accept nuclear-armed North Korea, and is rapidly developing nuclear and missile programs of North Korea will undermine rather than strengthen the security of the DPRK. “If Pyongyang will remain on the “path of ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs”, it will be counterproductive and reduce the security of the DPRK,” — said the Pentagon chief.

Relations between Washington and Pyongyang worsened in the aftermath of North Korea testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. In September, trump has promised to deal with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, whom he contemptuously called “little missile”.

In response North Korea has threatened to strike at an unexpected moment “unimaginable impact” on the American territory.