In North Korea, were mass exercises for evacuation

North Korea held a mass training of evacuation of the population, which may be associated with preparation for war. It is reported by the dedicated portal of the DPRK NK News.

According to the portal, the exercises were held in small towns in the past weeks throughout the country. The capital of North Korea Pyongyang’s participation in evacuation drills is not accepted.

It is alleged that the authorities of the DPRK was worked off the light at night — the so-called “blackout”. Such a measure allows not to attract the attention of enemy aircraft, the portal writes.

The last time such exercise was conducted in the DPRK in 2013, says NK News.

Saturday was the published data of the report of the congressional Research service of the United States, which States that in the event of renewed armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula the victims of the first days of the war will be from 30 thousand to 300 thousand people. The war will directly affect 25 million people living on both sides of the border.