Spectacular on the “Russian case” was nominated the first charges

Spectacular on the “Russian case” was nominated the first charges

Spectacular in the case of “Russian interference” in the US presidential election in 2016 Robert müller put forward the first charges. This is with reference to its sources reports CNN.

It is noted that details may be released next week. Now the question is classified according to the decision of a Federal judge. Unknown even to put forward charges against one or more defendants in the investigation.

Among the defendants in the investigation are Jared Kushner, Donald trump, Jr., and by Paul Manafort.

May 18, former official of the U.S. justice Department and former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed special adviser to oversee the investigation “attempts of intervention of the government of Russia in the presidential elections of 2016”. Trump said that the investigation into Muller confirms the absence of “collusion” between his presidential campaign and a foreign power. He later called the appointment of the Prosecutor and its investigation a “witch hunt”.

Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election. American journalists and officials claimed that “Russian hackers” allegedly kidnapped the correspondence of the Democrats and published in the Internet and tried to get into the electronic vote counting system. Moscow denies such accusations, including at the highest level.