The bus driver made to answer for running a red MP of the liberal democratic party

Ilya Drozdov

Stavropol city bus driver Eugene Kusakina fired after his passengers were injured in a traffic accident involving a foreign car of the Deputy of regional Duma Ilya Drozdov, running a red light. This is with reference to video surveillance informed user Pikabu.

The accident occurred on 17 October at 06:55 at the intersection of Leo Tolstoy and 8 March. On the record with surveillance cameras it is visible as the bus the GROOVE starts to move on a green traffic signal, however, in the middle of the intersection to play Toyota Rav 4, which at high speed trying to slip on red light. The bus crashes into an oncoming lane, the car turns 90 degrees.

At the time of accident the bus was carrying 20 passengers. As a result two were injured and were hospitalized. Also injured two passengers of Toyota, adolescents 2002 and 2004 of a birth, the driver of the car weren’t injured. It later emerged that the driver of the car was the Deputy of regional Duma from LDPR.

The bus driver has appealed to the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky with the request to restore justice. “The staff of GAI tried at the scene to convince me that I am guilty and that I ran a red light”, — the statement says Kusakina, also posted on Pikabu. The driver explained that after the accident he was dismissed from work, which was his only source of income and forced to pay the affected passengers in 10 thousand rubles compensation.