She’s a soldier in the field

She’s a soldier in the field

5 the most famous women in international politics.

While the progressive community is waiting for the presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak publication of the election program, we decided to remember who of former Actresses, top models and TV presenters was able to become successful politicians. Not all will go down in the history books, but, of course, these women will be remembered for his fellow citizens not only bright appearance, but also the achievements.


“Mara La Bella” (the beauty of the Mara) — so the Italians call a striking brunette, whose hall of Parliament as familiar as the catwalk of the beauty pageant. At 22, she competed for the title of “Miss Italy” and took only sixth place, but years later were recognized as fellow “sexiest Minister in the world.” “Competition affects you as a woman, you start early to grow up… the stress and desire to win it makes you realize who you really are” — later recalled Carfagna.

Becoming at age 32 the Deputy of the largest right-wing liberal party “Forward, Italy”, she easily won the hearts of voters, as before conquered television and the pages of glossy magazines. Pictures of her Topless in one of them angered some supporters, but for Mara it was only a job on the post of the Minister of equal opportunities it is renowned for the protection of traditional values: the fight against street prostitution and the refusal to support the annual gay pride parade in Bologna.

Italy Gets Her, We Get Clinton
Maria Carfagna’s Italy’Leads The People Of Freedom Party. Grad. in Law U Of Salerno

— Milt Harris (@Harris9Milt) February 12, 2016

To the government it fell thanks to the support of a Titan of Italian politics and the founder of the party “Forward, Italy” Silvio Berlusconi.

“I’d marry you if I weren’t already busy,” he joked at their first meeting in 2007, causing a huge scandal and demanding his wife to publicly apologize. This did not stop him to joke in a year, when Mara was held in the Parliament that their faction works right of “first night”.

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Success Carfagni often attributed to the influence of Berlusconi maybe she was his mistress, but just don’t spread this around at her home in the Campania region. Here for the first regional elections Mar collected 56 thousand votes and in the capital region, Naples, she was given two times more votes than Silvio himself. Since then his star waned, and the beauty of the Mara in the last local elections of 2016 won with the devastating account.


She is the ninth child in the family, served in the elite units of the Military air forces of Israel, and later studied law and simultaneously moonlighted as a model. Looking at her open, kind smile, it is easy to imagine Orly the leading program “good night, kids” — she really managed to work in a children’s show, and it’s hard to believe that the fame of her iron nature scares most famous Israeli politicians.