Reuters reported the death in Syria of more than 130 Russians from the beginning of the year

Reuters reported the death in Syria of more than 130 Russians from the beginning of the year

On the number of dead or the dead in Syria, the Russian citizens, the Agency reported, citing caught at his disposal the documents of the Consulate.

No less than 131 of the citizen of Russia died and perished in Syria since the beginning of 2017, reports Reuters, citing a document issued by the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Syria, reference number 131 on the death of Sergei Poddubny.

According to the certificate, the 36-year-old Poddubny died 28 September 2017 in the Syrian city Ties (province of HOMS), and the cause of his death is called “the charring of the body.” Death record Poddubny was drafted October 4, 2017 and received number 131.

In message Reuters it is noted that the numbering of certificates of death under the existing rules every year starts with number 1. Previously, the Agency reviewed two certificates of death issued in the name of Dmitry Markelov, Yuri Sokalsky February 3, 2017 and had a No. 9 and 13. The latter, according to journalists from Reuters, suggests that in one day was issued at least five death certificate.

According to these certificates, Markelov died at the same Tias Jan 29, 2017 from “hemorrhagic shock from shrapnel and bullet wounds”, and Sokal — January 31 “from hemorrhagic shock from multiple shrapnel wounds”.

We do not have information about individuals who visit Syria. This, I think, the issue worked out.Dmitry Pescovitz Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation

The Consulate issued the death certificate is required in order to arrange the delivery of the body of the deceased in Russia on civil channels, said Reuters, an unnamed diplomat. In addition, these documents simplify the procedure for transfer of inheritance to the deceased’s remaining assets.

What was doing in Syria Poddubny and other dead people there in the Consulate issued documents is not explained. According to Reuters, the people mentioned in the certificates for February 3, 2017, were employees of private military companies (PMCs). In message Reuters it is noted that previously it was thought that in 2017 in Syria killed only 26 PMCs working for the Russians.