The UN found the culprit of the chemical attack in Syrian Khan Sheyhun

The Syrian government responsible for using chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun on 4 April 2017. This is stated in the report of the joint investigative mechanism the UN and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), submitted to the UN Security Council, reports Reuters.

According to investigators, the attack used sarin.

The US state Department on 20 October for the first time acknowledged the use of chemical weapons in Syria, various terrorist groups. “Islamic state, “Hayat Tahrir al-sham” and other extremist groups use suicide bombers, (…) light and heavy weapons, improvised explosive devices and chemical weapons,” — said in a statement, the American foreign Ministry.

In the April attack on Khan shaykhun killed 87 people, injured about 200. The Syrian opposition and Western countries accuse the air force attack the government troops. In Damascus said that the army did not use and not to use chemical weapons.

The US President Donald trump on April 7 ordered the release of 58 cruise missiles at the airfield shirt used by Syrian government aircraft. According to Washington, with this platform flew the planes that struck the Khan Sheyhun.

The OPCW and the UN have repeatedly stated that the Syrian authorities use chemical weapons. Also in 2016, the organization called the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) responsible for one of the chemical attacks in Syria.