Almost half of Russians admitted that they have the spinners, the survey showed

Almost half of Russians admitted that they have the spinners, the survey showed

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Almost 50% of Russians said that we are the owners of spinners, and 45% of respondents said that the toy they did not like, according to a survey by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

“Every second Respondent (48%) reported that spinner is from him or his close friends (much higher than the share among 25-34-year — olds- 65% of active Internet users — 55%), another 8% said they owned them previously. However, many owners (or friends with the owners of spinners) was disappointing: the 45% admitted that the toy is in use they don’t like the positive assessment given by only 16%,” — noted in the study.

According to the survey, the word spinner is familiar to most Russians, only 35% of respondents heard about it for the first time. Seventy-five percent of Russians define a spinner as a tool for fine motor skills or a regular toy, but 23% of respondents consider it to fashion accessory.

A quarter of Russians (26%) believe that spinners can be dangerous for your health, but half of the respondents (51%) believe the toy is absolutely harmless. Another 23% is not biased towards one of the positions, it is underlined in materials of the survey.

According to the survey, 15% of respondents support the proposal on a total ban on toys and 33% on the partial restriction of use of spinners for minors.

But 40% of Russians oppose such bans.

A nationwide survey “polls-Sputnik” was held October 11-12, among 1.2 thousand respondents by telephone interviews. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.