The best way to wash fruit

Scientists from the U.S. on the example of apples determined the best way to wash fruits. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, according to the American chemical society.

After a series of experiments, scientists showed that thiabendazole and phosmet best removed one percent solution of baking soda. Washing the apples for 12 minutes, remove from the surface of 80 percent of the first substance and 15 minutes — 96 per cent of the second.

The difference in time is due to the depth of penetration of the chemicals in the peel of Apple (80 and 20 micrometers for thiabendazole and phosmet respectively).

Wiping Apple fabric material will help to remove dust and large dirt particles, but it is useless from the point of view of cleaning the fruit from the chemicals, experts say. Lavage with tap water or a solution of Clorox bleach weak helps in cleaning apples from chemicals.