The Brazilian Parliament has protected the President from corruption charges

Michel Temer

The lower house of Congress has rejected allegations of corruption against President Michel Temer. About it reports Reuters. Opponents of Temer could not dial 342 votes, i.e. two thirds of the seats.

The vote means that Temer does not threaten prosecution while he remains President. But he can still become involved in the investigation and trial after the end of the term of office at the end of 2018.

A few hours before the vote, Temer was hospitalized with a urinary tract obstruction.

New charges against Temer — to obstruction of justice and racketeering — was launched in September. In August Temer charges of corruption were blocked by his supporters in the lower house of Congress, which has the right to decide whether President to appear before the Supreme court.

Criminal charges were brought against the President on the basis of statements of admission of guilt by the owners of the world’s largest meat group JBS SA. They accused the Temer of bribery in exchange for political help and conspire to buy the silence of the witness. The President firmly rejected any allegations of involvement in the offences.

Temer took over as President after his impeachment Dilma Rousseff in 2016. Prior to that, he was Vice President.

Background: Against the President of Brazil has put forward new charges