Trump threw flags of Russia

U.S. President Donald trump threw flags with the Russian tricolor in the Congress building on Capitol hill. On Tuesday, October 24, reports channel ABC News.

The incident occurred just before lunch, where the President planned to meet with Senate Republicans. When trump passed journalists an unknown person threw in his direction a bundle of flags, shouting “trump is treason.”

The President didn’t react to what is happening. A protester was detained by building security.

April 30 in Pennsylvania, between tribune, where trump delivered a speech to his supporters, and filming the event on camera unknown tossed into the air several Russian flags.

24 Feb with trump there was a similar incident. At the Conference of the conservative political action are unknown, is alleged to have got the Russian flags with written on them the name of the President of the United States and began to distribute them to the audience. The action took a movement of Americans Take Action (“Americans are beginning to act”).