“We are all to blame. We are all a little dishonest living.” Interview of Dmitry Malikov on Shnurova, Putin, Khovansky, of Vetlitskaya, Twitter and crisis

“We are all to blame. We are all a little dishonest living.” Interview of Dmitry Malikov on Shnurova, Putin, Khovansky, of Vetlitskaya, Twitter and crisis

October 24, 2015 Dmitry Malikov, in the 1990s, former one of the most intelligent Russian pop stars, and in the 2000s, taking up the piano, wrote a tweet with the word “heavy”, created the meme and changed his life. Two years later, Malik is probably the most popular among the young artist of the entire post-Soviet variety.

He recorded with rappers, appears in a videoblogger and all kinds embodies the link of times and continuity of generations — including in the political sphere: that Malikov was moderated by the conversation of President Vladimir Putin with students. At the request of “Medusa” Paul Grinspun talk with Malikov on how he managed to fit into the twenty-first century and what he thinks about it.

I fit the image of adult, cheeky, ironic and self-ironic person who understands everything

We have an interest in you, because you…

— Risen from hell?

— Well, a sort of nothingness, Yes. Or the past existence — but in a new guise.

— What’s new guise then? I haven’t changed, just became a little irony to treat yourself to what is happening around, and he began to speak out publicly. That’s all.

— What happened to you? Why is this ironic?

— This is an interesting question. I think a lot has accumulated. And a midlife crisis, and fatigue from what I was doing.

I mean that every man at some point gets tired of the profession and is disappointed in the draft, you bet, but they were unsuccessful.

On the other hand, there is a lot of experience communicating with children in educational projects — I think I conducted 115 workshops (Malikov conducted musical workshops for children — approx. “Medusa”) gave me some freedom of communication with young people. Although, of course, real-world communication is different from communication on the Internet — there is all more sharply. When I talk with children about music, of course, all very well, because I continue to stage the greatest respect, a reverence, and never allow vulgarity, obscenities and so on.

For me the stage is a Holy place.

— But the people with whom you cooperate now, very different to the scene are.

Yes. But I’m not responsible for them.

— It is evident that you are sometimes for them even a little bit awkward.

— It happens. It happens sometimes. But on the other hand, I understand that now is the time. And recent youth research shows that, unfortunately, worldwide, the Mat becomes the norm. As if this wasn was for parents. And I try to bring out their harmony, their aesthetics, some of his messages even in such muddy water.

A friend of mine a few years ago, I took an interview for “Afisha” and told me that you were worried that fashionable youth publications don’t write about you.

— Well, then there was all this hype. And now I have developed such an interesting split personality. That is, even now we meet after fitting the suit to my next clip — directed requests that I was in my traditional manner, that is, it is the conventional tuxedo. And on stage as an entertainer, I still bear the image of the adult is a respectable singer. And the youth audience — it is not something that does not ask, she does not perceive.

So I’m now a knight at the crossroads — repertory, image. Who I be, how to position ourselves?

I wouldn’t quite go for the needs of young people. You still need to be organic. I think I fit the image of adult, cheeky, ironic and self-ironic person who understands everything. It is clear that he does not want to go retro-the herd, in the retro-swamp. But he’s already there, and desperately wants to come up. Time flies fast and I used to be up to date, modern. I’m not saying that I was always fashionable singer. But one time I was a teen idol — it was from 1989 to 1991. And I just stopped like when I was invited to retro concerts and called the artist, topical in the 1990-ies.

— That is, you would not like to participate in the festival “Retro FM”?

— Well, it’s all great, there high. There is a huge, stunning drive, people charge you incredible love. When you take good, you always enjoy as an artist.

The actor also eats this vanity like the woman with compliments, you know?

Why do so many suffer? Because, having endured in his youth, what was then called “success” and now, “HYIP”, then it is very difficult to live without it. This is a big test. Through this test you have to pass, need some other supports, other braces. What? Everyone has their own. Alcohol, drugs, family, debauchery, religion, Hobbies…

But it’s just all the memories, you know? It’s like Mick Jagger said, “What are you asking me what we have there in 1968 released the album? You ask what I’m doing today: I’m interested”. By the way, a week ago I was at the Rolling Stones concert in Lucca.

And what are your impressions?

— Impressions are very good. This stunning super retrocollective. They already play bad, but everything else is perfect. Jagger — good: he’s a strong man!

— Now because there is an obvious nostalgia for 1990 from the younger generation.

I imagine it is not felt, to be honest. I look forward to the moment when, finally, will begin nostalgia on the early work of Dmitry Malikov? God forbid, God forbid!

“Rap culture has put an end to all previous”

— Have you ever wanted to change the scope of activities? Now much has been written about that in the near future will be fine to change professions several times in life.

— Absolutely. My friend Vladimir Matetskiy just recently, I quoted the title of the article in The New York Times, in my opinion, which is called: “Who told you that you will do one thing your whole life?” And I am proof of that because I graduated from the Conservatory as pianist, unwound as a singer, then a movie actor, starred in the film “See Paris and die” in 1992. And all the while writing music — including as a composer. I the conductor was conducting in France Symphony orchestra. Then I became a TV presenter, “good night, kids”, he worked for three years. And now I am a blogger.

— Well, it’s still all-around show-business. You do not like, do not know, money to do?

— No, no. Although, you know, I had an offer, by the way, ten years ago to head the private banking division of one large Russian Bank.

— The policy would not name?

Now I have many people say: “You do a lot of youth culture. Have to go to the Ministry of culture”. But I’m used to freedom, you know? Any such position is a restriction of freedom. To the bureaucratic and political activities I did not pull at all. But I want to add value to his country at his level.

The most important is organic and nature, and most importantly for your well being in the present moment.

And I can’t say that I’m now completely in harmony. No. I’m having a crisis in a creative, variety of activities.

Why? You have the same hits that everyone knows.

— These hits are, of course, spinning. They remember people. But they are not relevant. And here is clip which we made with Khovansky, gathered more than 20 million views. This is real views, no one is paid, not charged, in any YouTube’s trends are not deduced. Worked just idea.

During the download an error has occurred.The clip joint Malikov and rapper-videoblogger Yuri Khovansky “Ask your mother” Yuri Khovansky.

— Do you like this music?

— I don’t see it as musical material. Treat this project as a kind of social phenomenon. I have now recorded the track and shot a music video — a song called “the Emperor of Twitter.”

I don’t enjoy it as a musician. But I enjoy it as a media personality.

You know, right? I just cool when the son of my friends ten years comes to him and says: “Listen…” And starts singing this song. This is very cool because it is almost impossible to achieve adult artist.

I recently watched an interview with a guy from the group 25/17. It asked all the time: “you are out of date…” It which just recently came out! And he seems to be a little bit justified. “Caste” is the same. I liked the video for “Brace”, by the way. It boldly! By the way, I thought to try with someone from this galaxy to do some actual track from the face of the generation.