Underboob: the cultural section

Underboob: the cultural section

Image of naked bottom of a woman’s breast, which is colloquially known as underboob, again at the peak of popularity.

Today, experts and representatives of the generation “zero” arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of the aesthetic and practical aspects of this phenomenon.

In April 2015, Marvel studios released a teaser cover of a comic Inferno. It was a picture of Goblin Queen Madeline Pryor in a black leather short top, which open up the bottom part of her Breasts.

This image provoked a hot debate: by the time a month later, the number was printed, crop top Queen of the goblins had been replaced by the more conservative t-shirt of normal length.

Bloggers agree that the change was caused by attempts by Marvel to appease the female audience, skeptical threats to the fact that the Queen of the goblins is going to fight against crime in this armor. While the popularity of this character among men, no doubt, women such vestments despicable, saying that the outfit is devoid of any practical purpose.

#comics Marvel banishes underboob in final cover for INFERNO #1 @HitFix http://t.co/7axOnBZKCg pic.twitter.com/iIJXK23aRR

— Tony Bayliss (@thehubzter) may 21, 2015
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However, despite the fact that controversial outfit the Queen was removed from the cover of the comic, the image underboob leave the ranks of branding faux pas, becoming a significant part of pop culture.

Its popularity is growing, not least thanks to the sisters Jenner; involved and Rihanna, which is so ardent fan of the way that in 2012, even got a tattoo under the breast. In September in your snapchat Kendall Jenner appeared in a shortest top with the caption, which read: Underboob is my ting. Thus she encouraged the youth to register and vote in future elections of the President of the United States. Social networks went crazy.

It is difficult to say inspired if the lower part of the chest Jenner of the millennial generation to vote. But we do know the scientific terms for all these images, from the “lower neckline” to the “lower curve of the breast”, and also “Australian cleavage”. Florence Williams, author of the book “Natural and unnatural history of the breast” and a series of audio recordings of “the Liberated breast”, explains that the place where the lower part of the breast meets the chest wall, technically known as the “inframammary fold”.

“Like everyone, as for the Breasts, this individual explains Williams. — This element is, others not. Some women with small Breasts it is absent”.

For centuries underboob was overlooked fashion. And all because tailors and clothiers did not give women a chance to show off in this way. Since the invention of the corset in the XVI century, the fashion industry cared only about how to flaunt bare shoulders, neck, chest or even cleavage of the bust.

It is absolutely obvious that underboob appeared at least as a way for designers and photographers to show a new, previously unknown part of the chest, thereby not stepping into taboo territory, exposing her nipples.

This is such a design puzzle: what are those particles and details that you can show?

What is this new way of allowing matter to fall on the chest? — asks Marjorie Jolles, senior lecturer at Roosevelt University and expert in gender studies, specializing in issues of style. Designers ask myself: if I’m not allowed to show a nipple, then what can I show? And in this case the ability to capture our imagination and, in a sense, to resonate in our imaginations?

Only after the sexual revolution in America of the 70s image underboob came out of the gloom: it happened with the emergence off the chest of clothes such as a halter top or tank top without straps.

This trend was reflected on the July cover of Playboy 1974: it was model Christine Maddox in soaking wet cropped Playboy t-shirt.

Total insanity in the aerobics in the 80s that gave rise to the aesthetics of the truncated sweatshirts and tops with bare shoulders in the style of “do it yourself”, promoted underboob in everyday life. “Thanks to the film “Tanzsprache” this image had its moment of glory in the 1980s,” says Tiffany Annetta, Director of on trade online resource Racked.

However, almost a decade, this image has disappeared from the horizon of pop culture. Until the 1994 album Chocolate and Cheese Ween groups was not Flirty model Ashley savage in a short top and a champion belt wrestler with the group’s logo.

According to the developer of the cover of Roger Gorman, the concept of the drawing was to pay tribute to debauchery, questionable aesthetics of soft porn of the 70s, as well as the album art of such R&B groups like the Ohio Players. The decision to portray the savage so its Creator was prompted by a simple question: how far can you go without showing off too much?