The widow of the deceased in Syria major has accused the Ministry of defence in niggling

The widow of the deceased in Syria, major Sergei Burgundy said that she since her husband’s death in April of this year unsuccessfully trying to obtain from the Ministry the full amount of compensation. About it reports Reuters.

In an interview with the Agency Vitalina Burgundy told that the war office had paid her one million roubles — the fifth part of the compensation received by the child Claret from his first marriage and his mother. According to the woman, working as a military psychologist, she receives monthly 8,6 thousand rubles.

Ministry of defense, as explained by Burgundy, argues his position by the fact that the widow in the apartment of her first husband and officially can not be considered a lonely person in need of assistance to improve housing conditions and pension as the widow of the participant of military operations. However, with the former husband she does not live and share in this housing can not sell, so she has to live in the Crimea, parents with a daughter from a previous marriage.

“I have no money for lawyers,” the woman complained.

The Russian defence Ministry was unavailable for comment.

Burgundy was killed in Syria in April of this year in militant attack on a garrison of Syrian troops. He was a military Advisor and trained divisions of the Syrian government forces.