The United States experienced combat vehicle of the XXI century

Honeywell Aerospace has experienced fighting vehicles of the XXI century, created in the framework of the GXV-T (Ground X-Vehicle Technology) with the support of the office of advanced research projects of the Ministry of defense, reports the Daily Mail.

During the tests, combat ATV was traveling across rough terrain at speeds up to 56 kilometers per hour. Machine, accommodating one pilot, has no Windows, the image from the outside is transferred inside with the help of technology the virtual window system of cameras and software. This system has been successfully tested in the recent tests.

The project GXV-T is planned to create war machines, whose main advantage is a high speed and maneuverability. Neglect of body armor, in particular, will reduce the weight of the product and allows the design of the Quad bike on a modular principle.

Technology GXV-T interested army and marine corps of the United States. It is believed that the created product will be the military transport of the XXI century.

Within the GXV-T on promising products, in addition to Honeywell Aerospace, in the United States also work at Carnegie — Mellon University and the southwest research Institute, as well as in companies Leidos, Pratt & Miller, QinetiQ, Raytheon and SRI International.