Owners of iPhones was amazed at the inability of the calculator to add 1, 2 and 3

Visitors to Reddit, the massively complained about the failure of the built-in iOS calculator 11. When you try to quickly add up the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in response, the program gives you 24.

The oddity drew the attention of the user with the nickname ryanpaulfan. “Try to quickly gain 1+2+3 in the calculator. I bet you do not get to six” — he suggested in the section devoted to Apple technology.

Per day post ryanpaulfan has received over five thousand likes and lots of comments, and the authors rushed to check the fault on their gadgets. When it became clear that crashing really covers all Apple device, comments flooded critical message to the Apple. “Sitting at work, I also tried unsuccessfully to count something on iOS 11. I thought I was going crazy. They need to organize the work of the calculator” — outraged users.

“I reset it to iOS 10, and it worked,” he realized one of the owners of the Apple smartphone.

Some visitors asked ryanpaulfan not to suffer with the original iOS calculator 11 and to use analogs, which, according to them, are much faster and more accurate than “Apple” app.

As it turned out, the inaccuracy of the calculations due to inactive mode of the calculator iOS 11, which momentarily disables the key. Thus, instead of 1,2 and 3 app adding 1 and 23.