The officer escaped from debt in the IG. The guardian of state secrets of the Russian returned from Syria in the Tajik prison

The officer escaped from debt in the IG. The guardian of state secrets of the Russian returned from Syria in the Tajik prison

As it became known “Kommersant”, the former captain of the defense Ministry, candidate of technical Sciences Denis Khisamov, specializing in the protection of state secrets, could join the militants in Syria is not only ideological but also economic reasons. The home of secretchina does not pay for expensive foreign car, harassed by creditors and collectors. Denis is now Khisamov is in custody in Tajikistan, which is going to send him to Russia.

According to published yesterday the interior Ministry of Tajikistan reports, 34-year-old native of Krasnodar, a Russian citizen Denis Khisamov in may 2015 got somewhere fake passport of Tajikistan, and flew with him to Turkey. Then, joining in banned in Russia, the Islamic state (ISIS), “took an active part in the fighting in Iraq and Syria.”

This spring, suspected militants returned to Russia, where he planned “to commit a crime”, but was detained by Turkish border guards, who questioned the authenticity of the presented passport. The Turkish side sent him to Tajikistan, where, according to the article 340 of the criminal code (forgery of an official document) Denis Khisamova faces two years of imprisonment. However, the Ministry of the interior has already announced that he was going to send the detainee home. In Russia he could face more serious charges, however, the FSB and the TFR have not yet declared their claims to Denis Chisumulu.

To history with ISIS Denis Khisamov managed to get some fame in the military-technical circles. After graduating with honors from the Krasnodar higher military school named after Shtemenko, he began to specialize in information security.

Young scientist defended his dissertation and has published several significant scientific papers, becoming, in accordance with an autobiographical reference, “an expert in the field of personal data protection and information technologies in telecommunication systems for civil and military purposes”.

The academic career also has developed quite successfully. Immediately after school he headed the service of protection of state secrets of the Center for military technical problems of biological protection research Institute of Microbiology of the Ministry of defense in Moscow which, in his words, “provide the command with a hidden link and exercised control over the regime of secrecy in the work of the staff.” He then worked at the 8th Directorate of the General staff, already controlling “the activities of the subordinate units and intelligence services in the field of information security”.

In 2009, retired from the army, captain Khisamov has held the position of associate Professor of comprehensive information protection Kuban Institute InfoSec, established and headed by his father, a prominent military scientist Firangiz Khisamov.

After working in the civilian world for three years, cryptographer and retired from the Institute. According to his friends, the scientist moved from Krasnodar, back to Moscow, where he planned to prepare the doctoral thesis.

Departure to Syria “is far from the religious fanaticism of the” learned, according to friends and relatives of Denis hisamova, “shocked” all those around him.

According to one of the closest ex-officer, in recent years, in Moscow, he really became interested in religious ideas. It is known, for example, that captain Khisamova literally brings out a routine check of documents, which he explained the “intolerance” of the Metropolitan police for his religious beliefs. Scientist with a fine of 500 rubles. for admission while checking rude remarks about the patrol, a year destined to the “offenders”, but was never able to prove his innocence.