International corporations continue to work with Russia, despite sanctions

International corporations continue to work with Russia, despite sanctions

MEXICO city, October 24 — RIA Novosti. Many of the largest transnational corporations continue to work with Russia, despite sanctions, said Monday Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov.

“This interest stems from the fact that we established a clear, attractive and unchanged in the long term conditions work on the Russian market”, — said Manturov during his speech at the meeting of the business mission “Trade and industrial dialogue Russia and Mexico” in Mexico city.

According to him, for major new investment projects, irrespective of the national capital, in case of the conclusion of the special investment contract is a package of preferences for 10 years. “But in areas such as investment technology, where our country does not have the competence, we are ready to give such companies preferential terms for the period up to 20 years”, — said the Minister.

Manturov stressed that these terms are not subject to review even in case of changes in Russian legislation. “Russia and Mexico largely use similar approaches in terms of creation of free economic zones and to support high-tech exports. While both countries have extensive trade and economic relations with many other States, and is entering new capacious markets”, — said the head of the Ministry of industry.

He urged Mexican businesses to localize their production in Russia. “I will promote the products of Mexican companies, which will localize its production in Russia, and not going to be shy, if this Mexican goods will enter the markets of third countries. Ready to promote your products,” — said Manturov.