Disclosed the details of the attack on Tatiana Felgengauer

Tatiana Felgengauer

Chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov in an interview with “Novaya Gazeta”, told about the details of the attack on the journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer.

He said that the attacker, 48-year-old Boris grits, appearing in the editorial offices, “passed in silence as we are all people behind the prizes, he turned to the assistants and then ran the guest”, where Felgenhauer and guard. According to him, the grits immediately attacked the reporter and stabbed her in the neck.

“The cry of my guard and that guard, who is sitting here, rushed and overpowered him. Five to seven seconds passed. After all, we called an ambulance and the police,” — said Venediktov.

The only document which was discovered by the attacker, turned out to be an Israeli driver’s license. “His name is Boris Yuryevich grits, he was born in Georgia in 1968. He spent some time in Israel, this card he received in 2008”, — said Venediktov.

Materials on теме18:18 — 23 OctMad physicist: who attacked the journalist of “echo of Moscow”the Attackers accused Tatyana Felgengauer telepathic harassment

“He had so folded the plan, which was drawn arrangement — the part before the guard. That is, he has already been here. Just painted a floor plan. And inscriptions were made in English. User a, user a, station — there, and so on,” — said the chief editor of the station. Venediktov also said that the plan was drawn by hand, grits showed it to the guard.

Glavred “Echo” believes that the layout of the rooms he painted someone who have been on the floor. “You know the plan, but do not know where the offices for journalists, where is the Studio, where guest room. He went from there,” said Venediktov.

In addition, the journalist finds a strange awareness of grits for when Felgenhauer in the guest. “He could not know that Tanya here at this time because she wasn’t supposed to be here. She graduated from essential shift at 11 a.m. and 12:15 we started the meeting editor-in-chief with the Deputy. And ended the meeting, which was supposed to last an hour and a half, on 25 minutes early. He appeared in five minutes. That’s such a strange thing. She wasn’t supposed to be in the room in any way”, — said the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”.

“That’s how he could know that: a) she; b) what we have here is something over?”, — asks the anchor. “He knew what we did not know”, — concluded the journalist.

PSJe Suis Tanya. From of edition”.ru”

The Editors”.ru” I support Tanya, and wish courage to her family and a speedy recovery to her.

Some of the staff and authors “of the Tape.ru” worked on “echo” since the founding of the radio station, and some work on it to this day. There are our acquaintances, colleagues, friends and relatives. What happened to “echo” — applies to all journalists, regardless of what they are doing every day: write notes, out there in the airwaves, do videos. This is our common tragedy and pain.

Tanya, we will be waiting for your return to the ether. Let all be good!

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Background: the Penetration Felgenhauer wounded men to the editor of the “Echo” was on video