The clown from the movie “It” ruined the photo shoot of the engagement

An American couple asked the bride’s brother, a novice comedian Jesse McLaren (Jesse McLaren), remove and edit photos from their engagement, and got an unexpected result, writes He not only fulfilled the request of his sister, but hidden in each frame of the image of a terrible clown from the works of Stephen king, and presented the result of work at the court of Twitter users.

“Sister asked me to be the photographer for her engagement, and I photoshopped a picture of a clown Pennywise in each picture. Waiting for her to notice” — wrote McLaren Twitter.

Jesse McLaren (@McJesse)
On 22 October 2017, 18:34

Comments and shares from users has not kept itself waiting. Many microblogger wrote that waiting for the next post, in which Jesse will tell you about the reaction of the sisters to the photoshoot.

Some style groom seemed much more creepy than clown Pennywise. “It was really awful. The pants on pomology pictures” — wrote the blogger @ejayeff .

“Let’s be honest: pants scare much stronger” — confirmed user @fortheother.