The families of the victims of the US military two months later received a letter from trump

The families of the victims of the US military two months later received a letter from trump

MOSCOW, October 23 — RIA Novosti. Several families of the victims in August, the American sailors received letters of condolence from the U.S. President Donald trump two months later, the magazine writes Atlantic with reference to the military families.

Us destroyer “John McCain” August 21, collided with a merchant vessel near Singapore.

Ten sailors were killed, five were injured.

Families of the victims of war only on 20 October began to receive letters with words of condolence, that is, two days after fierce controversy about trump’s conversation with the widow of the deceased in Niger soldier of the U.S. armed forces.

The father of one of the sailors reported that up to this writing have not received any news from the American President. “Honestly, I think that the letter is a response to the outbreak in the media storm around how such things were solved,” — said the newspaper Timothy Eckles, father of one of the sailors.

However, he noted that the letter was courteous.

Two other families also confirmed to the paper that received letters from the White house on October 20.

Member of the U.S. house of representatives Frederica Wilson on October 18, stated that trump told the widow of the deceased in Niger of the American military David Johnson, her husband knew what was coming. The Congressman noted that he heard part of the conversation with trump’s widow on the speakerphone when driving in the car with her. These words struck her as inappropriate and “insensitive” as the wife of the deceased soldier is survived by two children and she is expecting a third child. The American President accused Wilson of lying.

Trump initially criticized in the media because he spoke with the families of the victims, in response, the US President said, making it more often than his predecessor Barack Obama.