Sweden has demanded from North Korea to repay the 43-year-old

Stockholm has demanded from Pyongyang to repay the debt to the 43-year-old. This was announced on Monday, October 23, KBS radio, citing a report of the insurer EKN.

According to the radio, North Korea, Sweden $ 330 million. “North Korea is only of the debtor countries and the Scandinavian States, which did not even try to return the debt”, — said KBS.

In 1974, Pyongyang bought in Sweden a few thousand cars, a Volvo and a number of other goods. The delivery was carried out, however, Pyongyang is not transferred the money for them, citing various circumstances. Initially, the DPRK owes to 73.5 million dollars, but in recent years because of the interest debt grew by 4.5 times.

In Sweden noted that the North Koreans did not react to demands to repay the debt.

According to the Agency TASS, in 2014, Moscow has blamed Pyongyang for the debt granted in the Soviet times, the loans totaling about $ 10 billion.