The FBI complained about failing to crack seven thousand smartphones

Christopher Ray

FBI of the United States failed to hack and get data from more than half of the devices from among those, the contents of which the Agency was interested in the last year. This was stated by the Director of the Bureau Christopher ray, Fox6 reports.

He admitted that Federal agents failed to crack more than 6.9 thousand smartphones. “This is a huge problem. This affects investigations in different areas — drugs, human trafficking, terrorism, counterintelligence, gang violence, organized crime, exploitation of children,” he explained.

One of the most serious problems of the FBI ray called the conflict with manufacturers of gadgets about data encryption. According to the Director of the Bureau, the courts reaffirmed the right of the Bureau to receive the protected data from devices of the suspects, however, manufacturers do not want to cooperate with law enforcement.

Ray added that if the parties fail to come “to any responsible solution,” then in a few years “everything will be much worse.”

Thus, the American intelligence Agency has demanded from Apple to create a special version of iOS, which would allow to bypass security iPhone arrow from San Bernardino. The California court upheld the request of the FBI. However, Apple CEO Tim cook refused to create a special software for the FBI, stating that such a move would put at risk the security of millions of iPhone owners.

2 December 2015 in the Californian city of San Bernardino couple, ethnic Pakistanis Rizwan Farooq and Tashfeen Malik, stormed into the conference room of the social welfare centre and opened fire on people who were in the room. The attack killed 14 people, another 21 people were injured. The FBI has classified the incident as a terrorist attack. During the investigation it became known about their sympathies for radical Islamism.