In Leipzig neo-Nazi was declared wanted for spitting in Holocaust survivors

Police in Leipzig are looking for a young man who insulted 84-year-old resident of the city, survivors of the Holocaust. It is reported by Bild.

As writes the edition, 12 Oct Rolf Isakson was interviewed in front of the memorial of the Leipzig synagogue. During the conversation, he was approached by two men, one of whom spat in the direction Isakson and shouted at him a curse, and raised his hand in a Nazi salute.

The Daily Mail reports that he was shaved. The newspaper calls the young man a Nazi. He faces up to six months in jail, adds the tabloid. Friend of alleged neo-Nazi “was performed by a gesture simulating Masturbation”, clarifies the issue.

In August 2017 in Berlin, police arrested two Chinese tourists, who portrayed the Nazi salute in front of the Reichstag building and taking pictures of each other on mobile phones.