Argentinian in Spain faked his own kidnapping and demanded ransom from relatives

Spanish police arrested 48-year-old Argentine, who faked his own kidnapping to get the money from his family. About it reports The Local.

The man pointed to the relatives of the message, in which he wrote that captured the unknown, demanding a ransom. Convincing the scammer has provided the message of fake photos, which he was pictured allegedly with bruises on her face.

Family abductions made several translations for his “liberation”, and at the same time sent a statement to the police. Guards established that the recipient of the money and the alleged victim is one and the same person. It became clear after the Argentinian came to the Bank to get another money order.

When the suspect continued to write family messages. in which he said that “experiencing so much suffering.” The police arrested the blackmailer. When it was discovered 1285 euros in cash and several receipts for cash transfers made earlier by the family of the attacker.