French parents sue over son named Jihad

In France, the trial began in connection with the decision of the couple from Toulouse to name their child Jihad. On Monday, October 23, according to TV channel BFM TV.

The baby was born 2 August 2017. The parents of a newborn began to issue him documents. City officials expressed concern about the unusual name and decided to report it to the Prosecutor’s office.

According to the 57th article of the French civil code, parents can choose any name for the son or daughter, but it has to be “in the interests of the child”. In city hall are sure that in this case this rule is not observed, and in the future the name could cause the boy a lot of problems.

With the Arab Jihad is translated as “effort, struggle”. However, many people understood it to mean a Holy war that Muslims are to spread Islam. As noted by French TV channel, this is not the first case when parents want to name his son Jihad, but before the trial came first.

In September 2013 the French court of appeal handed down a suspended sentence to the local resident who sent three children to kindergarten in a t-shirt reading “I am a bomb” on the chest and “Jihad, born September 11” on the back. Bushra Begur, dressed his son in an unconventional way, the court said that just wanted to celebrate the birthday of the son. The boy’s name is Jihad and he really was born on the 11th of September. According to her, no connection with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, her actions were not.

The brother condemned, gave to his nephew t-shirts with provocative slogans, was sentenced to a fine of four thousand euros and two months suspended prison sentence.